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What can Miracle Power School do for you?

Shaping your future -Enabling you to walk in the fullness of your destiny. 


Is birthed with an absolute commitment to the following
• That God loves all mankind
• He made way for man to be in communion with Him and gave Himself for them
• And those who believe and call on His name are given supernatural power to experience Rest, Joy, Peace, Health, Victory, Abundance and Preservation

Miracle Power School is commited to equipping and empowering you to walk in the fullness of your God given destiny. MPS trains you to walk in the ministry style of Jesus: to dwell in the manifest presence of God and magnify His name through your life by revealing His resurrection power and love by challenging every work of the enemy with the finished work of the cross.

You are born to reign, redeemed to be an ambassador of the Kingdom of God, enforcing heaven on earth by revealing His love and power to all creation.

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